Author RF Thomas


Write what you like; there is no other rule. – O. Henry



Published works by RF Thomas:

This Man Paul – online

This Man Paul – printed

Crossing One

Comes the Wolf

Hannah’s Song

Nico Sees The Light

Joseph Badfoot

The Beast

Ongoing Projects:

Several short fiction stories in submissions.

Compiling an anthology highlighting the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ virtues.

Seeking publication for the Literary Novel The Seventh Bird.

A troubled young veteran returns home seeking peace and security, but instead becomes a target of hate, and finds himself in a battle for survival.

Seeking publication for the Historical Fantasy Rise of The Brood.

RISE OF THE BROOD is a slow-burn historical fantasy portraying the emergence of early man and his struggle to overcome the beast within–to rise above the restraints of tooth and claw.

About Mr. Thomas

After more than 20 years in the manufacturing industry, RF Thomas is chasing his American dream of becoming a full-time author. Long ago he studied Journalism at Eastern Illinois University, and after living, working and traveling through all the Midwest and Upper Plains, today calls Central Illinois his home.


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